15″+7″=22″ in Driggs, ID

IMG_3093Yesterday, we drove through the desert, looked at the dusting of old snow in the La Platas and on the La Sals and contemplated climate change.  We drove into Life Elevated Utah and watched oil fields whizz pass.  There were other campers on the road, but ours was the only one not hauling mountain bikes.  As we reached Soldiers Pass, it began to rain.  It rained into Provo, and all along the speed frenzied interstate.  We got through Salt Lake City and followed the rain into Idaho, waiting for that first glimpse of snow.  We drove and drove and at about 2:30am we could see glimpses of snow patches off the darkened road.  It was still raining, but we could tell we were reaching the snow line.  We drove into Driggs around 3am and pulled off onto a forest service access road, parked and crawled into the camper for a few hours sleep.  At around 7am, we awoke and drove into town to check the snow report.  Grand Targhee had 5″ and it was snowing.  It was go time.

We didn’t get first chair but it was close.  It felt like a time warp, we had just been in Durango, we had just been wearing T-shirts, and now here we were, in a blizzard, skiing fresh snow on a 40″ base.  It was better than either of us had expected and by the time we got to the bottom, we both had huge smiles on our faces.  As we took a moment to unbuckle our boots, Jonathan noticed a friend of his strapping up to get on the chair lift.  He was excited to see us, and also excited to ski, so off to the top we went with our new found ski posse from Jackson.  It was foggy, visibility sucked, the snow was wet, we were wet, the wind was howling, it was cold; we all had the time of our lives.



2 thoughts on “15″+7″=22″ in Driggs, ID

  1. Sharon Cordes says:

    Exciting. What a great way to start your honeymoon adventure.

  2. Sharon Cordes says:

    Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 21:46:52 +0000
    To: jjscordes@hotmail.com

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