Day 10: Bend, OR

ImageWe arrived here at 3am this morning.  The roads had been icy, and we had taken a fairly slow, scenic route, which led to a long drive.  Luckily for us, our friends our good, and Justin let us in so we could get some sleep.  After a few hours, we went into town to find some breakfast.  We found a delicious, Portuguese cafe, and while we ate, McBride told us about a spot we could check out to ski.

It’s amazing how different one area can be from the next.  Yesterday everything had been white, frozen and cold.  I was wearing long underwear underneath my clothes and down jackets everywhere I went.  Today there was green grass and the sun was shining.  Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided to do some exploring and headed towards Mt. Bachelor.  There was a distinct snow line as there commonly is on coastal mountains, and the snow was deeper and deeper the higher we climbed.  Mt. Bachelor looked like a beastly mountain, although it looked like a large portion of it was closed.  When we got to the spot we had been told about, we pulled over to check things out.  There were two big problems.  The first one was that even though there was a lot of snow, it was obvious it had been rained on.  The top was shining in the sun, reflecting the sun beams back like a mirror.  It was unbreakable, rock hard snow.  The second was this area did not allow dogs.  We had just driven a sixth of the way across the country in the wrong direction, and we needed to get Moiwa some exercise.  After observing another guy bring his dog on a leash, we sneaked Moi into the woods with us, not knowing that if we got caught it would be a $240 fine.  As we explored, we hoped that as we gained elevation the snow would soften up.  As we climbed, one of my skinned up skies slipped out from underneath me and I fell face first uphill.  Then we watched as Moiwa stopped to take a poop and it rolled downhill, like the snow was concrete.  We were starting to get discouraged, but we kept climbing.  We ran into a snowboarder coming down who had paused to take a break, her legs were tired from maneuvering through the tough snow.  “Does it soften up at all up top?” I asked.  “There are some ok spots, but it is mostly crunchy.”  That is all we needed to know.  We took our skins off and began our survival skiing back to the truck.  In places where the sun had poked through, the snow was slushy, but mostly it was an icy free fall.

Days like today aren’t the ski days that will stick into our memories when we recall this trip years down the road.  But days like today make those deep, bottomless days that much sweeter.Image


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