138″+16″=154″ at Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is our favorite mountain for two reasons.  For one, they can get 46″ in 48 hours of the most perfect snow.  And for two, there will be hardly anyone there, even on a Sunday.

We arrived early, expecting crowds, but we found we could just ski right onto the lift at 9:15am.  They had received 16″ overnight, covering up more rocks and trees, and filling in all the tracks from the day before.  And it continued to snow.  For the last three days it had been snowing so much, so quickly, that the stability of the snowpack was weak and ski patrol was having trouble opening the hike-to terrain.  You would think that could have been frustrating, but it worked out really well for us, because we could ski what was open until we got tired of it, and then they would drop and rope and we’d go get fresh tracks on new terrain.

About three laps into the day, we ran into a guy from Summit County.  We had met him the day before, and we ended up riding the lift up together.  And then seeing each other on top of a run.  And then riding the lift up together again.  So we felt like it was a good time to just decide to ski together.  His name was Jared and his home mountain is A-Basin.  We showed him some of our favorite runs on the side hill terrain, and then when Alberta Lift opened, he showed us some small stashes he’d discovered yesterday.  Ski patrol was unable to open anything very high up, so we kept lapping the short pitch trees below knife ridge.  Many times we were the first time in the woods, hiking tracks through the flat areas, but getting clean pitches on the steeps.  Lap after lap.  The snow was so deep.  At one point I stopped to gather our group, and the snow was literally up to my waist while I stood on my skies.  I have only had a handful of days like this in my whole life.  They are rare and that is what makes them so valuable.  It is going to be hard to top this storm for the rest of the season.


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